A passive aggressive lion?

LionI can shine it on.  I can make you think I am fine and in total control when inside there is total chaos.  I can say the right thing at the right time all the while believing something completely different.  I can appear calm in a tempest and I can be dramatic in the quiet tension.  So can you.

This is kind of our blessing and our curse.  Humans have these wonderful outward appearances that can be misleading.  A lion does not act passive aggressive towards its prey.  “You look like a tasty gazelle, but I am torn inside about the act of the pursuit of the hunt and its imminent outcome.” No. There are no indecisive fruit flies in your kitchen.  Elephants don’t appear to be doing just fine when really deep inside they are upset because they forgot something.  This is a human thing.

So, how do we be true to ourselves?

Matthew 23:27-32 is part of a wonderful rant by Jesus where he calls out the Pharisees and scribes.  “You appear righteous but inside are filled with hypocrisy and evildoing.”  They are shining it on.

The word ‘genuine’ is one of my favorite words.  It comes from the Latin genuinus, which means innate.  To be genuine is to be true to who we are. It is what is already inside of us.  Truth is already inside of us. It is about being who we were made to be.

The Pharisees and scribes were not made to be self-righteous jerks.  They were made to be teachers of truth and recorders of wisdom.  They had become people obsessed with appearance and dismissive of their mission.  Their very make up was at war with itself.  Their relationships with their hearts was putrid at best. Sound familiar.  Me too.

Jesus teaches clearly the need to be true to ourselves.  He made us perfect.  Stick with that.  His perfection still permeates within us.  When our sins derail our mission, be sure to return to him for healing.  Build a relationship with your own heart.  God put it there for a reason.  Listen to it. This is the genuine life of the believer.  This is the challenge of every disciple.

Be honest with yourself today.  If you are a good-looking tomb that is really just full of dead stuff, let the resurrected king bring dead things back to life.  Now.

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