Reconciliation is like voodoo…wait…what?

Voodoo dollReconciliation is a fun topic.  By now every one should know the wonderful roots of the word…how it contains the term “cilia” which mean eyelash and how God wants to be eyelash to eyelash with you.  Personally, I find this imagery terrifying.  If God’s eyelash were up against mine I would scream.  This would be like the butterfly kiss from hell only it is not hell it is God…oh dear…mind blown.

Reconciliation is a deep and rich.  This Saturday my daughter Joelle is celebrating her first reconciliation.  For Catholics this is an amazing sacrament.  It is her first opportunity to really examine her conscience and confess her sins to a priest who acting on behalf of our parish community and the Lord grants absolution and healing.  That is a lot for a 7year old to grasp.

Or is it?

My daughter has asked some great questions. Why can’t I just confess my sins to my friends?  You can.  Why can’t I just confess my sins to God?  You should.  Why do I confess my sins to a priest?  Because, we take faith community seriously and it is awesome.

Reconciliation isn’t voodoo or some magic spell.  We are not little dolls with pins sticking out of us placed there by the devil in need of a priest to pull them out. It is not a meaningless ritual.  It is not to be ignored. I am not going to dig into a bunch of doctrine or scripture here.  I am simply going to point out the obvious.

Sin hurts everyone.  I literally pulls is away from the face of God (his eyelash, remember?). It scars us. Our community and the relationship we seek with our creator is strained by our sin.  In faith community, we seek the healing of reconciliation in order that the community and our Lord draw us more in touch with holiness.  This journey by ourselves is limited.  This journey simply among our friends is plagued with a whole lot of humanity.  This journey with God, community and self is a pure alignment.  Thrown thick in the mix, is a recipe for healing and prolific discipleship.  This is the reason why strong faith community is so important.

My daughter gets to begin the life long investment of recognizing how much sin can vex her surroundings.  She gets to grow a bit.  She gets to willingly expose her heart to community and Christ and ask for healing.  She gets to encounter a visible sign of God’s grace and swim in his Mercy.  She gets to be reconciled.

So when is the next time you will encounter a good healthy confession?

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