What does Doug do?
Well, simply put, I combine interactive speaking (stories, humor,  small group discussion, motivational themes, etc.) with scripture testimony for an all around incredible youth ministry experience. They meet the diverse keynoting needs of any youth gathering all in one!

Additionally, I am a youth minister with nearly 20 years of parish, multi-parish/combined and diocesan youth ministry experience.  I offer training in an assortment of areas of youth ministry, family dynamics and leadership development.

How is Doug best used for my event?
You put together a theme for the weekend or day, and I will fill in the blanks. Doug routinely provides keynotes and/or general assembly leadership at events.  I am experienced at workshops and specialty youth ministry training as well.  I will will bring creative, never before seen, elements of Catholic teaching to your rally, retreat, convention, etc. I have also created events for faith communities including parish missions, school retreats, etc.

Is he qualified?

With undergraduate degrees in both Theology and Philosophy as well as a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry and nearly 20 years of full-time youth ministry experience, Doug is invested in the young Catholic church all over the country. Doug currently works as the Executive Director of Reach Youth Ministry.  He is a former Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry and Faith Formation. He and his wife Becky have five daughters and live in Helena, MT.

Doug has been traveling with his ministry for more than ten years with an immense amount of success and outreach.

Where has Doug been?
From Alaska to Florida, Doug has traveled all over the United States, fourWorld Youth Day celebrations and multiple NCYCs. The list includes, but is not limited to:Diocese of Juneau, Diocese of St. Augustine, Archdiocese of Portland, Diocese of Great Falls/Billings, Diocese of Rapid City, Diocese of Beaumont, Diocese of Buffalo, Archdiocese of Seattle, Diocese of Fairbanks, Diocese of Fargo, Diocese of Memphis, Diocese of Salt Lake, Diocese of Spokane, Diocese of Erie, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, and much more.


Who Endorses Doug Tooke?

Frank Mercadante: Cultivation Ministries

Tom East: Center for Ministry Development

Mike Patin: National Speaker and Renown Trainer

Robert Feduccia: National Speaker and Renown Retreat Leader

Ted Miles: Catholic Relief Service Relationship Director