How much would it cost to bring Doug Tooke to our event?Doug_test1 edited

There are a lot of possibilities here. I realize that everyone has different budgets and resources available to them, so I offer some options and differences in cost. I do not want to miss a chance to share this ministry somewhere because of cost, but at the same time this is our livelihood and the way in which I support myfamily.

In almost every circumstance I ask for a particular speaking stipend determined by the size and type of event plus travel expenses. Travel includes transportation (round-trip airfare and any ground transportation necessary), meals, and lodging. As far as meals and lodgings go, host homes are not out of the question and by the size of my belly (its just daddy fat!) I like all kinds of food.

I try and book a block of events in one area, so if you know other organizations that would like to share the experience, pass the word.  I also help provide some promotional materials to help in increasing the turn-out.

I vary the range I offer from diocesan and deanery wide events to the range offered to parish and schools due to what they are generally able to manage according to their various budgets. This cost is fairly standard amongst my peers, and while I understand I am asking for a plane ticket, I also have to come up with enough for a paycheck. The way I arrive at my fee is by determining the amount of events I will be able to book, and the amount of income I need to live on. I look at the number of larger events I will be able to work and the average amount of parish and school events, figure out what administrative costs are required, and come to these figures by accounting. This is the only way I am able to do this ministry part time and support my family of seven.

How can we reduce some of the costs?

One way to reduce travel costs is to help mefind other places in the area to share this ministry. This is a great evangelization opportunity as well as a cost reducer. When I am able to book multiple events in one area, I generally split the cost of airfare evenly amongst all organizations involved in bringing me out. That way the burden of airfare can be diffused.